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Adjustable Standing Computer Workstations: Stay Productive, Stay Healthy

The present scenario all over the world is captivated by the exceptional technological aspects that simplify the work to be performed. One can’t even think to do away a day without the smartphones, computers and laptops. In such a case, it becomes very important to monitor as to how we handle this equipment while working on them, as it can have a significant effect on our health.

Nowadays, a lot of people have the luxury of working from home. Sitting all day on your computer systems and laptops is really tiring and is not apt for one’s health as well. Along with the pressure on your eyes and mind, your entire body gets hampered while you are sitting all day eyeing on the desktop slash laptop.

All this led to the emergence of adjustable standing computer workstations. Its introduction further intensifies the use of technology in a better way. Let’s discuss some sitting \ standing \ elevated desks available for our ease of access and healthy working.

1) Stand Steady UpTrak Standing Desk - Instantly Convert Any Surface to a Stand Up Workstation (

The mentioned product is available exclusively on Amazon and allows you to customize the desk to the desired height. The standing height varies from 11 to 17 inches. It improves your health and productivity and is a perfect antidote to all the big desktops and laptops. The price of the product mentioned on Amazon is $150 which is $40 less than the market price. The product is very easy to carry along with and can be used anywhere you are working.

2) Table jack standing desk converter - 32 X 22-inch Extra-large (

In the instance of dual monitor setup, this ergonomic height stand up desk converter featuring adjustable sit also acts as a desk riser adapter.

With an air piston suspension mechanism, this product is so easy to use even with two big monitors placed over it at the same time. Moreover, the support table jack comes fully assembled. It is ideal even for someone who is 6 feet tall. The product is available on Amazon and is priced at $ 189. The quoted price is 17% less than the market price and is really recommended for the long run purpose.

3) Adjustable Height Standing-Desk – Convert your desk to a standing desk (Desk Length: 42" Fold) (

The product is specially designed to increase the workspace that enables you to work for long hours without getting tired. It is surely a cost effective solution for someone who tends to work on two monitors at a time. To be frank, one cannot beat the price and quality of this particular product. Available on Amazon, the product is priced at just $89. The said price is 31% less than the fixed market price.

The above mentioned products are a boon for every corporate worker indulged in one or the other activity requiring the use of desktops and laptops. The list is not over here. There are endless products available online that can serve the purpose. There are a number of benefits of standing computer workstations. Some of them are:

- Standing lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity.
- It improves blood sugar levels as a result of which the overall health is maintained at a very high level.
- Standing more helps you to live longer. It reduces heart diseases and increases the life expectancy as a whole.

So, on the whole, the end conclusion is the acceptance of some good products like those mentioned above. Reducing sedentary time improves metabolic and mental health dramatically. It’s high time to replace your old furniture with the new standing computer workstations. Researches have proved that sitting for a long period of time increases the bottom line of the living rate.

Use of standing computer workstations is the best choice to lower your day to day stress in an effective manner. Instead of using those computer tables, start installing these standing desks for the best results and outcomes. So, next time when you are sitting for long hours on your computers, it is essentially important that you go through some facts and resolutions for the same. Try it, adapt it and use it. You will surely reap sumptuous fore deals.

Most corporates around the world are accepting the idea of using standing computer workstations with open arms. It’s very important that we also replace our old computer sitting tables.

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