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5 Shower Doors For Your Shower Or Bathtub Shower Combo

A new shower door is without doubt one of the most economical and practical ways to refresh the appearance of your bathroom. Shower doors do provide a more elegant solution with easy access, water tight seals and privacy. There are several factors one needs to take into consideration such as the dimensions and measurements of the door: it should for all intents and purposes match the width and height with the opening of the shower.

It is also important to choose the appropriate type of shower door. There are various types of doors such as Pivot doors, Neo-angle, By-Pass or sliding doors or round shower doors. It is worth mentioning that the size and shape of your shower unit will to a large extent dictate the type of shower door you will buy. It is also important to take into consideration the frame design: whether framed or frameless design, check on the finishing and the glass type. The glass used can either be patterned, clear, opaque or frosted.

Here are some of the popular bathtub shower doors readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Frameless Swing Door 60 by 33.5 8mm glass

Product Price: $ 498.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/OzvS2W

Product Details: this door does have a European swing door design and does also have a polished European swing door design and a beautifully done chrome hardware finish. This is door is ideal for five foot bathtubs because it does measure 60 inches in height, 35.5 inches in width. It does have a 8mm tempered safety glass. The rounded glass top corner does give the door a very sleek look and the door is usually shipped complete with wall and bottom seals as well as all the mounting hardware.


2) Product Name: Fleurco Luxe Axent Bypass Sliding Shower Doors 47”to 49” by 74.5 In Height

Product Price: $ 1756.80

Product URL: http://is.gd/juek1G

Product Details: has several features such as a dynamic guiding system, a functional pocketing wall jamb and also some sets of adjustable wall jambs. It has an ergonomically well designed new towel handle while still implementing a new bottom roller technology. It also does implement a new bottom roller technology and a microtek glass surface protection. It is also worth noting that the door can open in either direction, right or left. It is sold with a ten year warranty.  


3) Product Name: Duet Sliding Shower door 56-60” x 72 (Dreamline)

Product Price: $ 592.20

Product URL: http://is.gd/PKsUaX

Product Details: has an anodized aluminum profiles and very impressive guide rails, this two sliding door does have 8mm glass that's tempered. It does have very well structured bar handles for towels. Both doors come fitted with convenient and well integrated handles and glide quite effortlessly on the well engineered guide rails which allow for a very convenient entry onto one or the other side of the shower. Its smart design does allow for an out of plumb adjustment of up to half an inch one or both sides of the door. It is worth mentioning that both the bottom and top guide rails of this bypass door can significantly made shorter by reducing the size by up to a maximum of four inches so as to fit into the required installation space.

4) Product Name: Ultra Frameless and Hinged Shower Door (Aqua Ultra)

Product Price: $ 576.10

Product URL: http://is.gd/QDvtPX

Product Details: it does without doubt offer one of the most modern designs. As a frameless shower door design with a custom glass does provide an amazing value. The highly innovative U-shape wall profile does provide for an easy installation. Because of the sophisticated and uniquely curved silhouette, the door does espouse a very attractive European flair. It also has a fashionable towel bar on the exterior panel does provide for additional storage space. The solid brass hinges and the out of plumb installation adjustability of up to ¼ inch on one side does make the door quite versatile. It also has a reversible left or right door opening installation.teh door is sold with a limited five year manufacturer warranty.

5) Product Name: Fleurco Forte Sorrento Panel and In line Indoor

Product Price: $ 714.40

Product URL: http://is.gd/2I4LB5

Product Details: has a space saving sliding door panel with a reversible left or right door opening configuration. There is no need for cutting the header or bottom during the installation process. For a water tight seal, the unit does have a magnetic door closure and a flat large brass 2 sided handle and an anti jump bottom roller system with a well designed solid brass decorative top roller system. The door does have a brass towel bar and a removable center support column with several glass tempered choices such as clear and Paris point. It has a maximum width of 71 inches and a minimum width of 46 inches and a height of 75 inches.

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