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How To Effectively Repair Closet Doors

Maintenance of most closet doors is very vital in determining the durability and efficiency of the doors. These doors have been on the market for a long time, thus is very necessary to understand d how to effectively care and repair them. Irrespective of the door type, it is very crucial to know some of the maintenance requirements available for it. Repairs come in different forms mostly depending on the material used to make the door. Ranging from sliding to hinge doors, this article will highlight some of the repairs one should know depending on the type of the door.

Common Problems

1) Fixing Screws

It is a common issue in many of the types. You can easily identify this when you start to experience sticking doors while closing and opening. It grows worse to a level where one can see hinges hanging loosely. At such a level, urgent repair is needed to avoid breaking the door or even being knocked while opening and closing it. To most hinged doors, a large part of the weight is carried by the hinge. It may be due to kids hanging on the doors or any other excessive force, thus screws start to pull out.

Steps To Handle This.....

If your hinge was the 1/2 inch type, it will be wise if you buy and replace them with the larger 2/3 inch. This will ensure that it tightly hold back your door in the original holes. However, if the hinges were larger with up to 4 holes, it is advisable to drive 3 inch screws through the two holes into the door. in cases where there are only 3 holes, add a 3 inch screw hole into the middle hole but ensure you drill the top hole at an inclined angle to ensure the screw hits the wood.

2) Broken Doors

This mostly concerns the folding doors. If one experiences difficulty when closing and opening, it may just be a case of broken parts. Some of the parts that are prone to breaking include hinges, top guides, and track together with the top and bottom pivots.

Steps To Handle This.....

Check and ascertain that there is a broken part. If so, you will have to remove the whole door. This can be done with some little assistance where you will be required to lift the bottom and put it down. Unscrew the hinges to avoid further breakage. If it’s the top pivot, one is advised to remove the old one and replace it with a new and suitable one. Additionally, broken hinges can be easily replaced by new ones following the above procedure.

3) Fixing A Broken Sliding Door

Complications may range from the track to the carpet risers. A damaged track may require the whole hardware to be replaced, but parts like the hanger will necessitate the removal of the door from the track. One can then tilt the front panel outward to enable lift off the track. Furthermore, determine the shape of the track, most are convex or V-shaped. Next is to determine the size of the offset. After this, it will be vital to always replace both the hangers. One can then follow the simple procedure of reinstalling the door back to its track.

Problems of alignment

Bifolds doors are the most affected with this. If you experience binding or sticking every time you close and open the door, then this may be the main problem. To note this, one has to first close the door and look along the edges. Observe the way it lines up with the rest of the frame. If they are not parallel, the one has to expect to binding. This may be caused by a loosened top pivot.

How to handle this.....

You will have to loosen the top bracket screws the push or pull to ensure it is in an aligned position. Open it and check if it is moving smoothly. Binding against the lower part of the frame means that the bottom pivot has loosened. In this case, you will be required to loosen slightly lift the door in order to adjust the position of the pivot. You can then test the movement of the door to ascertain if the required smoothness has been achieved.


Finally, it is very important to always check with your furniture store from which you bought your door. This will put you into a good bargaining position on the cost of replacements. One good thing is that most of the repairs can be easily done without much help. Cases of broken parts will require replacement and thus extra costs. In doing this, it is advisable to always shop for suitable shapes and sizes of replacements to avoid inconveniences.

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