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Keep Your Water Heater Safe From The Elements With An Exterior Enclosure

Water heaters are necessary elements in modern homes that heat eater by either electricity or gas. They are not too welcome to the interior house décor and most people opt installing them outside their houses. You may decide to build personalized water heater with an enclosure or buy one from your local hardware. Building one is more involving than buying and takes more time. It is therefore wise to buy an enclosure since they are readily available in the market with different designs that matches different needs. Below are some factors that you should consider when shopping for exterior hot water heater enclosures.

1) Energy used: Some fuels are more efficient when heating water than others. For instance, natural gas has a greener signature when burnt at the basement than electricity derived from burning coal produced by a power plant. You should consider the type of energy because it guides you on the best enclosure in terms of material. For instance, enclosures made of other materials other than metals are advisable if you are using electricity to prevent electric shocks.

2) Gas condensing and electric pump: Gas condensing heater systems have large storages tanks and are increasing in the United States. The size of your gas condensing and electric pump system will determine the size of your enclosure. Be sure to include their dimensions when buying your enclosure to make sure they fit in properly.

3) Material and color: Every homeowner looks forward to having a home with uniform interior or exterior décor. The color and material of enclosures may compliment your exterior home décor when chosen wisely. Try to choose a color that matches your décor like green enclosures if you have decided to use a green decoration. The material of the décor may be determined by other factors such as durability, and exposure to sunlight and corrosive environment like acidic rain and gases. Materials such as wood, fiberglass and concrete tend to last longer than metals in corrosive environment. Plastic is also a great material since it is resistant to corrosive environment and cheaper. So, be sure to consider the material before taking your water enclosure heater home.

4) Cost and warranty: Cost is a major consideration when shopping for almost everything since nobody wants to create unnecessary budgets. Remember to consider other options in case you find your preferred enclosure is beyond your planned budget. Most enclosures come with warranty for specified period of time but quality enclosures tend to have longer warranties. Good enclosures have warranties of 3 to 12 years with larger burners to speed up water heating.  

5) Insulation: The enclosure should enhance insulation to prevent loss of heat to the surroundings. An enclosure with high insulation property will lower your fuel bills since it will maintain the water hot for a longer time. Some enclosures have insulation on both the outer and inner side while others are one-sided. Estimate the kind of insulation you require and make sure you purchase an enclosure with insulation power within the same range.

Examples of water heater enclosures for sale

1) AO Smith 9007141005 Water Heater Accessory Central Control Board with Enclosure for GDHE-50-LP– ( It costs $490.21 with free shipping that helps you save up to $98.69. It is shipped and sold by It weighs 5.6 pounds with dimensions of 10 by 10 by 8inches.

2) Watts R-24 Galvanized Steel Water Heater Enclosure for 50-Gallon ( It costs $203.24 with free shipping. This R-24 enclosure can hold a 50-gallon water heater. It is galvanized with steel to increase its resistivity to corrosion. It weighs 43.6 pounds and measures 24.4x2.8x74.2 inches.

3) Watts R-30 Galvanized Steel Water Heater Enclosure for 80-Gallon Water Heaters- ( It costs $ 162.23 with free shipping. It encloses water heaters up to eighty gallons. It is three sided thus easier to attach to a building wall on outdoor water heater installations. It weighs 54.4 pounds with dimensions of 30.4x2.8x74.2 inches.

4) AO Smith 9007140005 Water Heater Accessory Central Control Board with Enclosure for GDHE-50-NG- ( It costs $475.43 with free shipping. It weighs 5.4 pounds and dimensions of 12x12x40 inches.

5) Pentair 77707-0013 Control Board Enclosure Membrane Panel Replacement Kit Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heater- ( It costs $125.50. It was made in the United States and has a shipping weight of 3 pounds.

6) Watts R-30 Galvanized Steel Water Heater Enclosure for 80-Gallon Water Heaters- ( It costs $162.23 with free shipping. It is 3-sided and requires no nuts, bolts or screws to clip together after shipping. It weighs 54.4 pounds and measures 30.4x2.8x74.2 inches.

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