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Seven Simple Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Hot water heater replacements are sometimes very expensive. However, while a full replacement of the heater is a certain  'cure-all,’ a number of difficulties can simply be fixed having not made a costly service call. For the older hot water heaters, all what is needed is simply a bit of tender loving care. As a matter of facts, water heater replacements parts are usually available at many hardware stores. You just need a few common tools to replace the defective parts.

Which are some of the hot water heater maintenance tips that you can use to fix various difficulties while back at home?

1) In case the water is no longer hot.....

Check the pilot light first. In case the pilot is on, then the gas coupler to the main heater might need to be replaced. Nevertheless, if the pilot light continues to go out once being relit, the control valve could actually be at fault. On the electric water heaters, the thermostat or the upper heating element may require to be replaced.

2) In case you are getting rust-colored water.....

All the water heaters usually carry a sacrificial anode rod which slowly dissolves to prevent the rust from collecting inside your tank. When the rod is gone, rust will definitely start to show in the tap as well as shower water. To fix this issue, you just have to replace the rod.

3) If you happen to get foul-smelling water.......

This is actually an indication of a bacterial infection. A very small leak in the municipal water system can definitely allow contaminates to reach the home water heaters. The most common kind of smell is that of the rotten eggs. These particular bacteria normally feed on the hydrogen gas which occurs as the anode rod carries out its job to prevent rust. To correct this problem, a full flush of your water tank is needed.
Assuming a common household of 40 gallon tank, two pints of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution must be added to fresh the water. Let this particular solution sit in the tank for about two hours before you refill it with water. In case the problem persists, you may use a zinc alloy anode rod in order to reduce the amount of the hydrogen in your tank.

4) Are there noises?

The water can actually be boiling in the water tank as a result of a build-up of the sediment at the bottom of your tank. To remove this build-up, a flush of the water heater is required. Whining these noises from the electric water heaters are usually as the result of the sediment buildup on the elements of the heater. Removal as well as good clean-up of the electric elements will resolve this problem.

5) Water Heater Overheating?

In case the water is overheating, the relief valve safely releases the excess of the boiling water. This allows the tank pressure to get reduced. Changing the thermostat into a lower setting resolves this problem. You should be cautious enough since the relief valve is a very critical part of the secure operation of the tank. For you to be sure, the valve may also need to be replaced.

6) Water Leaks?

In case the water leaks are appearing from beneath the water heater or even are appearing to be rust colored or brown, it may indicate that there is a more severe problem which could simply mean that there is a small hole in the tank as a result of corrosion as well as age. You may need to replace the water tank if this happens to be the case.

7) Choosing the anodes and replacing them......

There are usually three types of metals that are used to make the anode rods. They are aluminum, magnesium, as well as zinc. In case you have naturally soft water, then you should install the magnesium anode. The aluminum is used particularly when you have got very hard water.

If you have to install the aluminum anode rod, always avoid using hot water to cook with. Aluminum in the water is believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease. Zinc anodes are usually used to counteract effects of the sulfur smells in the water. You should buy anode rods which are too tall for the hot water heaters.

These are some of the simple hot water heater maintenance tips that you may find them helpful.

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