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How To Successfullly Obtain A Door For Your Home

If you are interested in how to buy a door for a mobile home, there is a complete line that you can find on the market. You can find interior, exterior, combination units and storm doors for a mobile home. Various materials are used to manufacture them and you can find some made of fiberglass, aluminum and elixir. Every standard door size is available for purchase and you can also find custom sizes if you have a special application. This means that you can find the perfect door for a vintage mobile home, utility trailer or storage unit.

Interior Doors

When it comes to selecting a door, there are different types that you can shop for. For starters, you can find interior models for your bathroom and bedroom. Some of them that you can find being sold can offer you the beauty and refinement of natural wood. These are excellent doors that you can use to replace your old and worn out ones. These can enhance the interior of your home and they will look natural. A good product is the JELD-WEN Flush Light Oak Interior Door that has a smooth finish and wood grain appearance. It is available at for $59.

Painted Or Stained Doors

The good thing about wood doors is that you can paint or stain them. This means that they can be used to complement or contrast your interior décor, depending on the style that you are looking for. For instance, you can find Masonite Veneer Flush Doors with a smooth surface. These doors have a hollow core, which allows you to transport and install them easily. A six-panel Masonite is the industry benchmark for composite wooden doors. Composite wood construction results in a durable door that resists warping, shrinking and cracking in a better manner.

Exterior Doors

When you are shopping for doors, you can also find out-swing exterior doors for your mobile home. The standard features of these doors are that they have thick foam insulation and they are metal bonded. They also have exterior door locks and screws and they come already drilled for the installation of a doorknob. You can shop for an out-swing exterior model with a diamond window. This is a painted galvanized steel door with thick foam insulation core. It is metal bonded and comes with exterior door locks and screws. This door comes pre-hung inside a metal frame and comes with all the hardware that you need for its installation. Another good product is the Kinro Blank Out-Swing Exterior Door that is made with white high-density polyethylene panels. It is available at for $210.

Combination Doors

Combination doors are also available if you are interested in how to buy a door for a mobile home. It comes as an all-in-one unit, including a door, storm door, frame, four-inch jamb and the hardware that you need to complete the installation. This is an energy efficient model that is filled with polyurethane for the highest R-value. The door comes with exterior door locks and screws and it comes already drilled for the doorknob. This is a durable door that has folded edges to keep the water out, making it last longer. Another great product is the Kinro Combination Exterior Door with diamond window and white self-storing storm. The door is available at for $375.

How To Measure A Door

When shopping for combination doors, you need to have the correct measurements with you. You will need to use the rough opening measurement, not the actual door size. From inside your mobile home, you can measure only the door. Once you have done this, round off your figure to your closest even number. After this, add two inches to include your doorjamb and you have the measurements needed for buying a combination door.

Common sizes

When it comes to combination doors, there are common sizes that you can find, including 32 by 76, 34 by 76, 34 by 80 and 36 by 80. If you’re getting an answer such as 32 by 74, it means that you’re just measuring your door and not accounting for the jamb. You also need to determine the type of hinge that you need. To do this, stand outside your mobile home and check whether the hinge is on the right or left. If it is on the right then you have a right-hinged door. If it is on the left, you have a left-hinged door.

How To Choose A Door

Exterior doors are the most important part of your mobile home, the first part that visitors will encounter. In order to create a good first impression, it is important to choose one stays stylish and elegant door even in extreme weather conditions. If you have a well maintained and modern out-swing door, it speaks very highly of you.


However, beauty is not the only consideration when you are buying exterior doors. You also need to consider your security and so you should go for one that can withstand the attention of a determined criminal. You need a door that can protect your mobile home, possessions and its occupants from harm.


Your budget is another important consideration when you are shopping for doors. There are many places where you can shop and compare prices. You can find doors that have been manufactured using various materials, each with its advantage and disadvantage. The good thing is that you can find a good door that combines budget, practicality and appearance, enabling you to find the perfect door.


Once you have your door, it is time to install it. You will need a tape measure, putty tape, screws and a screwdriver. Stick the putty tape around the flanges of your new door and then stick your door into the frame. Keep it level and straight and then drill a few screws on the right and left side to secure your door. If you are sure that the door is level, drill in the remaining screws. After this, you can stand back and admire your handiwork with a great pride.

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