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Causatives Of Bad Odors In The Mobile Home & How To Get Rid Of Them

There are several factors which bring about bad odor; among these, some can easily be identified while some are so difficult to depict you wouldn’t know how to get rid of the source. Common identifiable odors include those from pet droppings and urine, an unused bathroom, smoke from cigarettes if you reside with a smoker and those from fronting loading washing machines which are left closed for a long period of time. Below are some useful tips on how to get rid of bad household odor; remember, most of these tips will only apply for one causative.

1) Open your windows or look for other aeration methods

Sometimes odors are taken away by doing something as little as opening the window. Good aeration will bring on fresh air and sunlight in a room which are known to effectively disperse bad odor. If the current weather conditions do not allow you to open the window, consider turning on your fan if it has ducts which point out to the outside. Although opening the windows will help, they should remain closed if you think that the bad smell is coming from outside.

2) Clean your carpet and upholstery

If you live with a smoker, the odor from cigarette smoke sometimes gets stuck on upholstery, carpets and your curtains. This also applies to pet droppings and urine whose odor becomes very difficult to get rid of if the pet has not been trained to use a toilet or potty. First you need to clean your carpet and upholstery and preferably, using a deodorant with sweet smell so that it neutralizes the foul smell from the pet’s droppings. If you do not have the necessary equipment, consider inviting a professional carpet cleaning company and make it clear to them that the purpose of cleaning aims at getting rid of unwanted smell.

Just as a note, train your pet to use the toilet or potty as a strategy to safeguard your interior from future occurrences of the same irritating smell.

3) Hunt for the source and get rid of it

It will do you no good trying to use pleasant perfumes in your interior if the source of bad odor is still present. If you suspect that a common household rodent like a rat got stuck in your structure and is now rotting down, hunt it and throw it out. This should not be difficult as it only requires you to look in areas where the bad odor is strongest. People who cannot stand a dead animal’s smell at close range might want to hire a cleaner or ask for help from one of their friends or family members.

Note that dead rodents are not the only candidates for bad odor. A wet cloth which might have been damped in the house, a stray piece of meat lying somewhere and alien objects which might have found way into your interior through your children could all contribute to the discomfort. All you need to do is take your time, identify the source and have it thrown outside.

4) Run water in all your bathrooms frequently

Most people tend to neglect their guest bathrooms and will only run water in them when someone needs to use it. However, a bathroom which has not been used for too long can produce bad smell and go unsuspected until someone suggests that you have a look at it. If you are wondering where the bad smell comes from, get to know that sinks and shower drains produce methane-sulfur which has a pungent smell if they are left unused for long. The only way to get rid of the bad smell from your bathroom is by letting water run frequently through the drainage pipes; consider doing this each and every week.

5) Leave your front loading washing machine’s door open when it is not in use

A front loader comes with a tight door seal whose purpose is to keep water from flowing out. However, a drawback of this design is that water will not have holes to evaporate through which brings about smelly mold and mildew. After you finish washing your clothes, be certain to leave the washer’s door open which will allow for evaporation. For more on how to get rid of household odor, consider researching from the internet or ask a friend who has faced the same problem to help you out.

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