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Interesting Tips On How To Save Money On Utilities In Your Mobile Home

If you live in a mobile home, the entire process of saving on energy, maintenance material or gas consumption is totally different from what is required in a traditional house; this is mainly due to the different types of materials used to construct the traditional building or mobile home. Naturally, the older the mobile home is the higher the utility costs are bound to be, this is mainly driven by the inefficiencies that come with the aging process. Even though you may be unable to completely change your mobile home, there are some interesting tips on how to save on utilities in a mobile home, these include but are not limited to the following.

First and foremost it is important to prevent air leaks around the mobile home by installing efficient doors and windows or adding some weather stripping around the edges so as to ensure that the cooled or heated air does not escape from the cracks appearing from the sides.

It is also advisable to use caulk to fix any form of air leak around plumbing fixtures, pipes, window mounted air conditioners and air ducts. You should also check for all leaks in the walls of your mobile money or those appearing anywhere else.

If the design of your mobile home allows it, it is important to add some form of insulation to the bottom of the mobile home or to the walls so as to properly insulate the home from heat loss. It is also possible to add skirting that is energy efficient or add a roof cap so as to add insulation to the mobile home.

It is also advisable to replace all the existing lights with compact and fluorescent bulbs which are more energy efficient as they are known to use up to 75% less energy and also last much longer. The mobile home can also be fitted with lighting timers which will automatically turn off the lights when not in use, while still at it; the mobile home can also use solar lights for illuminating the outdoors.

As a mobile home owner, coming up with ways and means of managing the water used in the mobile home can also go a long way in reducing your monthly bills. Fixing all the leaks in pipes and faucets which may have been affected by temperature changes is highly recommended. To check for leaks in tanks such as toilet tanks for leaks one can use food coloring.

To further reduce the amount of water used in the home, one can install aerators in faucets so as to reduce the water usage by a whopping 30%. With proper planning, one can also replace all the existing fixtures in the mobile home with low-flow versions; even though this is bound to be quite involving and expensive it is bound to provide huge savings in terms of monthly billings.

Many mobile homes tend to have small water heaters and exterior pipes; these have been known to cause unnecessary and wasteful energy use. Users are advised to switch to more efficient water heaters, this is especially so if you are using an older model of water heater which came with mobile home. Newer models of such heaters provide 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also advisable to turn down your thermostat during the day and at night when most if not all occupants are around. During the day, make sure you don’t set it above sixty eight (68) degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At night instead of using a lot of electric energy to heat the home, use extra blankets on your bed during the night and use lots of cozy throws while watching TV.

Minimize the times when you use the exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom, the fans should only be used when you see some condensation forming on the windows. This is because the fans tend to remove warm air from the room, forcing you to keep on warming the room.

Finally, one of the best tricks on how to save on utilities in a mobile home is to use a water heater blanket to insulate your water heater. These blankets are inexpensive and are bound to save you a lot of money in terms of the amount of money in your gas bill.

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