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Kitchen Wall Mounted Shelves For Your Organizing Needs

When looking for kitchen shelves, it is important to take into consideration three key factors. These include the available space, the function of the shelf as well as the material used to make the shelf or cabinet. If you have a small kitchen and not a lot of floor space then you are better off choosing a wall mounted shelf system. It is worth mentioning though that most wall mounted shelving systems don’t hold as many items.

When it comes to material, there are several options. These include plastic, wood or metal. Plastic is usually the most affordable but they generally look cheap and end up hindering the overall design of the room. For a casual and rustic look, always opt for wood shelves made from either oak or teak for durability purposes. For kitchens with modern designs, then opt for metal shelving, they can also handle more weight when compared against plastic or wood.

Lastly, it is important to clearly identify the function of your wall mounted shelf. If you want to store wine, go for kitchen shelves which have wine racks, if you want to store pans and pots, then go for a general kitchen shelf. Here are some good examples of Kitchen wall mounted shelves readily available in the market, they include:

1) Product Name: Rogar International Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Product Price: $ 118.50

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a gorgeous and functional shelf. The two shelves are basically made from wires: this allows users to place their pot lids on the shelves using the spaces between the wires to hold them upright. It does also come with plenty of hooks and the shelves are also quite deep. With either a black or copper finish, this shelf is very beautiful. It does have an amazing storage potential, since it does double the storage capacity with its two shelves. It does measure 35 inches in length, 8.5 inches in width and 24 inches in height and measures 20 lbs.

2) Product Name: Grundtal Wall Shelf Stainless steel

Product Price: $ 36.99

Product URL:

Product Details: does help a great deal in saving countertop space. The shelf has a fantastic overall look and the stainless steel tubes are quite gorgeous to say the least. The shelf is very easy to maintain and clean because for starters, all the dirt and dust will fall through the rods and those that stick on the rods can easily be removed by simply wiping them off with a clean cloth. Make sure you measure your intended space correctly though before you start the installation.

3) Product Name: Stenstorp Plate Shelf.

Product Price: $ 69.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this white colored shelf is quite sturdy and is very easy to install. The side panels as well as the fixed shelf are made from fiberboard and painted using safe to use acrylic paint. The guard rail on the other hand is made from Solid Birch and then painted using Acrylic paint. The product has a depth of five inches and a width of 31.5 by 31.5 , the maximum load capacity of the shelf is 15lbs 7oz. it is also worth noting that this particular product does require some assembly.

4) Product Name: Cooks Standard Wall Mount Pot Rack (36 by 8 inches)

Product Price: $ 52.94

Product URL:

Product Details: this shelf is made from solid cast aluminum bracket and fitted with solid cast pan hooks. The modern style adopted by the shelf does coordinate quite well with most cook and kitchen ware. The natural wood track is also quite smooth and very durable, giving you that ultimate look in your kitchen. The shelf is sold with four pan hooks, two swivel hooks and extra hooks are made available for separate purchase. The shelf is also very easy to install and easy to maintain as well, just like any other shelf, just make sure you measure where you want to place the shelf carefully and don’t bore any holes on the wall until you are very sure of what is required.

5) Product Name: Ashley 48 Inch Wood Wall Mount shelf

Product Price: $274.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this 5.5 inch deep Ashley shelf/ cabinet does mount on the wall using built in cleats, making it very easy to install. This is an ideal shelf for your spices or for a storage cabinet anywhere in the home. It does have a natural pine finish which can be stained or painted and also has four fully adjustable glass shelves. The door is left undrilled so that you can fix a handle or knob of choice and be able to open the door in either direction. The shaker style door does sit on its concealed hinges, giving the shelf some sense of sophistication.

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