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Outdoor Welcome Mat Essentials You Must Know

When guests come to your place, the entryway is the first area they notice. In other words, laying down an outdoor welcome mat is not only a good way to protect your floor, but it's also a great way to instantly boost the appearance of the entryway so your home will always look appealing.

Yet again, the doormat plays an important role in your home since it acts like the first line of defense which prevents people from carrying outside mud and debris into the house. That's the reason you should consider material and size in relation to how the mat will be used.

Here are some essentials you should consider when looking for outdoor welcome mats

1) Indoor-and-outdoor mat

You should consider the environment in which the mat will be used on. Indoor mats are generally made of materials that can't stand the harsh elements of the weather. On the other hand, outdoor welcome mats are made of tough materials such as teak, waterproof coconut fibers and woven seagrass that can handle busy outdoor-indoor traffic.

2) The nature of the doormat surface

Abrasive and textured mat surfaces are the best if the mat will be placed in a high-traffic area. If the mat you're buying has scrapped surface, the better it will be for you since these mats whisk even the toughest of mud.

3) Full on rubber doormats should be avoided during winter season

We all agree that rubber doormats are cost-effective, long lasting, and resistant to sliding whenever you wipe your shoes on them. However, even with these qualities, you should keep them indoors or in your garage during the winter season. The reason being, the prolonged exposure to the cold climate will crack that rubber material, prompting you to shop for another doormat.

4) Try keeping the doormat in its place

On a muddy day, you'll feel bad when the doormat slips and moves away right under you. However, if you want to avoid this, make sure you choose a doormat that is thick with non-slip backings to keep the mat in one place.

5) Indoor-only mats

Beware of doormats that claim they are good for outdoor use as well. You see, doormats made out of fiber or jute and other fabrics like clothes will not hand the outdoor very well. The fabric simply doesn't hold up well when exposed to outdoor conditions. In fact, you'd be right thinking about these mats as transitional. Their main tasks is to catch any lingering dirt and debris, and not to scrub them off.

6) The size of the welcome doormat

The doormat you choose must be in the right dimensions with regards to those of your doors. You want the mat to cover the width of the door. You should also keep the height of the doormat in mind. You don't want a doormat which is too thick, to the extent of not allowing the door to open.

7) Hygiene of the doormat

They say a clean doormat traps more debris and dirt than a dirty one. If your mat feels dirty, you can shake it out and run a vacuum cleaner through it. In some cases, you can also wash it so it remains clean at all time.

The following are examples of outdoor welcome doormats you can use in your home:

1) Purple Floral Fiesta outdoor mat (http://is.gd/REDdof)

This is a doormat that incorporates a bunch of pretty flower patterns to welcome your guests home. The material is made of 100% coir with rubber backing. This makes it easy to maintain it. So if you're willing to spend $9 on a doormat, you can buy it here.

2) Mohawk Home Garden Stones Indoor/Outdoor mat (http://is.gd/NdgMVX)

This doormat looks like natural pebble straight from the garden. The non-slip rubber backing is made of 100% recycled materials. It can be a nice addition to your indoor or outdoor entryway. The price is $14.

3) Elegant Welcome Coir Doormat (http://is.gd/MV4Xl6)

This is a sophisticated and cute doormat that serves as a nice addition to welcoming your family and friends. The material is 100% heavy-duty coir. The price is $19.

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