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Common Types Of Residential Mailboxes And Posts

Residential mailboxes are necessary and indispensible for every residential home be it small or large in size. They come in different types that have different styles to suit both electric and traditional mails, catalogs, letters, newspapers and magazines. You may decide to have a personalized mailbox designed in a way that suits all your needs including shape, color, size and material. They come in different models that are modifications of some basic types of mailboxes. The models portray different designs that combine aesthetics and elegance with functionality. The basic types are; mail slots, post office boxes, wall mount and post mounts as described below.

Types of residential mailboxes

1) Post mount mailboxes: They are also called curbside and are placed at the front of your residential house on the side of the road. They are very practical because they can be reached by the postman easily. They are mainly used in suburban areas and in the countryside.

Product example: Liberty Hardware TFSSMPK-BL-R Traditional Design Full Square 56-Inch Mailbox Post, Black ( It costs $62.98. It is 56 inches in length with a weight of 13 pounds.

2) Wall mount mailboxes: They are mainly used in urban areas. They have proximity advantage because they don’t take up too much space. They can either be vertical or horizontal with similar advantages.

Product example: ( Solar Group THHB0000 Wall Mailbox, Black Galvanized Steel, 6.3 x 15.5 x 3.12-In. It costs 14.97 with free shipping. It is made with heavy galvanized steel with a powder coat finish to make sure it lasts longer.

3) Post office boxes: They offer more security and privacy. Most businesses prefer them for more secure correspondences which are directed to individuals without permanent address instead redirecting their mails every time they move.

Product example ( It costs $48.34 with free shipping. It has a decorative knob and venetian-bronze door trim that gives it a stylish touch. It weighs 9.1 pounds and measures 10.9x22.5x8.8 inches.

4) Mail slots: They are commonly used in big residential houses. They are small horizontal openings at the front door that are used by the postman to drop letter instead of the mailbox.

Product example: Ultra Hardware 67100 Outside: 3" x 10" Inside opening: 1-5/8" x 7-3/4" Steel Spring Loaded Flap, Letter Slot (

Mail posts

Most residential mail posts are easily identifiable because of their quality and dignity construction. Most of them have an outstanding appearance especially in the front of your house. Most manufactures make them with attractive hand crafted styles of low maintenance solid-cellular vinyl. Most standards posts are finished in white and platforms that accepts standard medium-sized mailbox. There are several types of mail posts that include;

1) Wood mail posts: They are made from wood such as Walpole that are resistant to strong wind and rain. They perform their duty year after year without replacement just like cedar mail posts. Northern white cedar is a great choice for Walpole because of its resistance to decay and durability. The cedar ages to rich silver sheen which is designed to exact required standards of balance and symmetry. Other common wood mail posts are made Teak, Mahogany and Red Cedar.

Product example: Twin Star ( It is 5 1/2 square inches and costs $209-249 with free shipping. It is crafted in cellular vinyl and cedar and can hold both the mailbox and newspaper.

2) Solid vinyl mail post: It requires less maintenance giving home owners more freedom. It has a feel and a look similar to that natural wood. It does not warp or rot thus provides year of enjoyment. The material used to make them is crafted, milled and fabricated to create custom architectural designs.

Product example: St. Andrews Mail Post ( It costs $398.00 and 5.5 square inches. It stands with pride in the front of your residential home with handcrafted decorative base.

3) Hollow vinyl mail posts: They are fabricated to styles that replicate wood classics. Most of them are 0.25 inches thick providing more surfaces at the base of the post that reduced post settling.

Product example: Madison Mail Post ( It costs $259.00 with free shipping. It is 5.5 square inches with a cherry addition of flower box.

The above are some of the common types of residential mailboxes and posts that you should consider before making your purchase decision. Your choice will mainly be determined by your style, type of your house and its location. Consider them and for sure, you will get a decorative mailbox or post that provides an instantaneous way of finishing the exterior look of your house in style.

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